A FIRST GRADE FATALITY is now available on Amazon.com

COVERAlthough it appears that young Carrie Landry’s fatal fall down the stairs was simply an accident, certain things don’t add up, and her colleague, first grade teacher Diana Fallon wonders if her friend had help getting down those stairs. A coat hung up in the wrong spot, a missing hat, and a mysterious new man in Carrie’s life strengthen Miss Fallon’s suspicions, but when a note warning her to stop snooping is left in her mailbox at school, she realizes that someone connected to the Redmond School is hiding something for sure. Could it be the holier than thou substitute teacher? The creepy custodian? Or maybe one of Diana’s closest coworkers? Threatened by an anonymous source again, Diana steps up her investigation and keeps on searching for answers, until she finally stumbles upon the shocking truth.

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